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How to Wash SKIMS Shapewear: The Ultimate Guide

Your SKIMS shapewear needs special care to maintain its look, feel, and performance. This article offers step-by-step guidance on how to wash your SKIMS shapewear by machine or by hand. It also explains why choosing the right detergent for washing these pieces is absolutely essential for proper care.

SKIMS Shapewear Brand: Inclusive Beauty for All

Founded in 2019 by reality star and entrepreneur Kim Kardashian, SKIMS quickly became a household name in the realm of shapewear and loungewear, taking sales and market share from powerhouse brands like Spanx . SKIMS prides itself on inclusivity and offers a diverse range of sizes and shades to cater to all body types. With a mission to empower individuals by enhancing their natural beauty, SKIMS has redefined the standards of comfortable and chic intimate apparel.

In short order, SKIMS expanded its brand with loungewear, swimwear, and even a men’s line. Today we’re focusing on how to wash your SKIMS shapewear pieces, including some of the most coveted items like the thong bodysui t and mid-thigh bodysuit . The Heritage Park Laundry Essentials team loves our SKIMS shapewear and lingerie, and we’re here to show you how we take the very best care of these items.

Choose the Right Detergent for Washing Your SKIMS Shapewear 

SKIMS shapewear pieces serve an important function while being intimate garments that get heavy use. There are three important things to consider:

  1. Like any undergarment, SKIMS shapewear needs to be cleaned thoroughly and effectively.
  2. SKIMS compression fabric comes in direct and snug contact with your skin, so you need a mild detergent that won’t irritate or trigger contact dermatitis or other allergies (especially if you’ve got sensitive skin). 
  3. You want to make sure that anything you use to wash your SKIMS shapewear will preserve the integrity of the fabric so it continues to do its job.

For all these reasons, we recommend using Heritage Park All-Purpose Laundry Detergent Fragrance Free . Made with natural, plant-based ingredients, this pH-neutral, concentrated detergent is fragrance-free, lab-certified as hypoallergenic, and dermatologist-tested (learn more about hypoallergenic detergent here ). And while it is a gentle detergent, Heritage Park All-Purpose formula contains a powerful blend of natural cleaning enzymes that break down and remove sweat, stain, dirt, and odors without heavy chemicals or unnecessary fragrance. 

Note: if you prefer a subtle scent in your detergent, choose one of our lightly fragranced options, including Spring Magnolia, Lavender Mist, or Shore Breeze.

Supplies You’ll Need to Wash Your SKIMS Shapewear

Before you begin washing your SKIMS bodysuit or other shapewear, gather the following supplies:

  • Heritage Park All-Purpose Laundry Detergent in Fragrance-Free/Hypoallergenic (or one of our lightly scented formulas)
  • A washing machine with a gentle cycle
  • Mesh laundry bags
  • A spray bottle for making your own enzyme solution
  • A tub or bucket for pre-soaking or handwashing
  • A drying rack


Simple Steps for Machine Washing Your SKIMS Shapewear

Follow these washing instructions to take the very best care possible of your SKIMS shapewear. Whether you are washing a sculpting bodysuit or underwear like a high-waisted thong , you can adapt these instructions to your individual garments:.

1. Read the Care Label

The care label on your SKIMS is the first place to start; read it carefully. Check out our helpful guide to deciphering laundry symbols here . Many SKIMS pieces are fine for machine washing.

2. How Often Should You Wash Your SKIMS Shapewear?

In general, you should be able to get up to three wearings out of shapewear. However, that is completely dependent on how long you wear it and the style in question. A thong bodysuit, for instance, will need laundering after every wear. Wash frequency also depends on your personal body chemistry. The compression fabric of shapewear can be warm for some people, leading to sweat, which is a breeding ground for yeast, fungus, and bacteria. If this sounds like you, wash your shapewear more frequently. (Also, as a rule of thumb, experts recommend not staying in heavy compression shapewear longer than eight hours, not wearing it every day, and never sleeping in it).

3. Pretreat and Presoak Stains Immediately

Pre-treat or pre-soak any sweat or other stains in your SKIMS shapewear as soon as possible. Use an enzyme stain remover or make a solution of a 1:1 ratio of Heritage Park All Purpose Laundry Detergent and water in a spray bottle. 

4. Wash SKIMS in a Dedicated Load

We always recommend washing darks and colors separately, but SKIMS requires the extra step of being washed in its own load. (And never wash SKIMS with anything linty like towels or socks). 

5. Use a Mesh Laundry Bag

Like any fine lingerie , SKIMS shapewear should be placed inside a mesh laundry bag to protect delicate fabric from snagging on tiny burrs of metal inside the machine tub or twisting around the agitator mechanism. If possible, tighten the adjustable straps and turn the garment inside out before putting it in the bag.

6. Use A Gentle Cycle and Cold to Cool Water

Even if your shapewear is dirty, resist the temptation to use a powerful cycle and hot water. These are not recommended for the SKIMS nylon and Spandex blend. The SKIMS label guideline recommends using cold water to wash compression wear (although we occasionally use lukewarm water when hand washing) our own SKIMS. Choose a delicate or hand washing cycle for your machine. 

7. Skip the Bleach, Fabric Softener, and Dryer Sheets

These products are unnecessary and can damage SKIMS. Bleach will cause discoloration and fabric softeners and dryer sheets will leave a waxy build-up both on fabric and on the inside of your machine. If you need to tackle lingering odors in your SKIMS, stop your machine mid-cycle and let the items soak in the enzyme detergent.. 

8. Air Dry Your SKIMS

Here we are being a bit more cautious than the care label, which says you can tumble dry your SKIMS on low. We really think they should be air dried. Why? Most of us tend to underestimate how hot our dryers are; too much heat can permanently damage the elasticity of your body shaper. When you remove your SKIMS from the washer, press to remove excess water; do not wring. Hang on a drying rack or reshape and lay flat on a lint-free clean towel to dry.

How to Hand Wash Your SKIMS Shapewear

Handwashing your SKIMS shapewear is a perfectly acceptable option. Fill a tub or basin with cool to lukewarm water; add a small amount of Heritage Park All-Purpose Detergent; and swish to dissolve. Submerge your shapewear or bra in the soapy water, and gently agitate for a minute or two. Allow the garment to sit for 10 to 15 minutes; gently rub the fabric to remove any stains. Rinse in cool water and DO NOT wring out. Press water out with your hand or blot with a lint-free towel. Air dry as noted above.

We hope you’ve found this blog on how to wash SKIMS shapewear helpful; following our guidelines should help keep your SKIMS shapewear pristine and feeling great for countless wearings. As always, the Heritage Park Team is here and available to answer any questions about our products. Our goal is to make your laundry life easier!

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