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Heritage Park Silk & Wool Laundry Detergent - Fragrance Free

spring magnolia

Absolutely love the spring magnolia scent!


I want to take very good care of my silk, and this detergent feels like I am doing just that!

I am a customer that found Heritage Park after the situation with Laundress. I have been pleased with the products and the results. I also appreciate the simple approach to laundry, I don’t feel like I need a separate detergent for everything. Thank you for the great products.

Love these detergents

I started using Heritage Park detergent for silk and loved it. I've now tried the regular detergent as well, and love both. Would definitely recommend for silks, as well as regular clothes!

So far I love this detergent. I have used it in my machine and for hand wash items. I found Heritage Park in my search to replace the Laundress and so far I am very happy with it. I plan to continue to purchase.

Verified purchaser

I use it to wash my silk sheets and it is very good. The sheets continue to get softer and also get clean.

Best wool dryer balls

Very good natural non toxic chemicals products so that’s why I give it a 👍

my new favorite laundry soap. The quality speaks for itself. Thank you for everything that you do.

Beautiful Fragrance and Amazing Stain Remover!

I LOVE this new scent! It smells like the magnolia tree in my parents yard and reminds me of home. It’s a lovely, light fragrance that’s floral but not too perfume-y or overwhelming. And even better, it cleans so well! I just saved my favorite top from a pasta sauce stain that I thought would land it in the rag bin. Thank you for an amazing product!!

Thank you for the free sample

On my order I asked if you would let me know when the sample size of the silk and wool detergent was available again, so I was pleasantly surprised to find a sample bottle included in the shipment. It works well on wool socks. Thank you.

my favorite new laundry soap. The quality speaks for itself.I am very grateful to have it there.

Well Done!

Clothes are clean! Getting to this gently is good for my skin and the environment.

Fantastic soap

The best laundry soap ever!!

Packaging was perfect. No leaks. Thank you.

Very Gentle

Gentle on fabric with a fresh finish. Add a little to my regular wash and it helped soften my towels.

Heritage Park Silk & Wool Laundry Bundle
Debra Hinton
Love the wool balls

The wool balls did make my laundry as soft as fabric softener I used in the washing machine before. It didn’t address the static cling though. Still I’m going to give up the fabric softener for the environment now that I have these balls. I haven’t used the detergent yet on my new silk sheets or the laundry bags. The bags are higher quality than some I bought and returned at a big box store. I will trust these with my expensive silk sheets.

Gentle and effective detergent!

Smells great and my cashmere come out really soft!

Mesh laundry bags

I recommend these laundry bags. They are well made - from the mesh material, to seams, and zipper. Very pleased with my purchase.

Wonderful for silks.

I use this detergent to hand wash my silk pajamas. I love it. Fragrance free is also a must for me, so I am very satisfied.

Good stuff!

I really like it and recommend it!

Works great

This has been working well to clean my wool sweaters on my washer's delicate cycle.

Always on the lookout for laundry detergent without toxic, nasty ingredients!

After the whole Laundress debacle, I decided to try Heritage Park All-Purpose Luxury Laundry Detergent - Lavender Mist. I'm glad I did. It seems to get my clothes clean and the Lavender scent is faint, but nice ~ wish it were a bit stronger. To help get my clothes and towels smelling fresh, I add 5 drops of Lavender essential oil to a wool dryer ball. Lovely.

Terrific detergent

Use only a capful. Gentle on clothes, towels, & rugs..