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Very Gentle

Gentle on fabric with a fresh finish. Add a little to my regular wash and it helped soften my towels.

Love the wool balls

The wool balls did make my laundry as soft as fabric softener I used in the washing machine before. It didn’t address the static cling though. Still I’m going to give up the fabric softener for the environment now that I have these balls. I haven’t used the detergent yet on my new silk sheets or the laundry bags. The bags are higher quality than some I bought and returned at a big box store. I will trust these with my expensive silk sheets.

Gentle and effective detergent!

Smells great and my cashmere come out really soft!

Heritage Park Premium Fine Mesh Laundry Bags
Ann M. Fisher (Wadsworth, US)
Mesh laundry bags

I recommend these laundry bags. They are well made - from the mesh material, to seams, and zipper. Very pleased with my purchase.

Wonderful for silks.

I use this detergent to hand wash my silk pajamas. I love it. Fragrance free is also a must for me, so I am very satisfied.

Good stuff!

I really like it and recommend it!

Works great

This has been working well to clean my wool sweaters on my washer's delicate cycle.

Always on the lookout for laundry detergent without toxic, nasty ingredients!

After the whole Laundress debacle, I decided to try Heritage Park All-Purpose Luxury Laundry Detergent - Lavender Mist. I'm glad I did. It seems to get my clothes clean and the Lavender scent is faint, but nice ~ wish it were a bit stronger. To help get my clothes and towels smelling fresh, I add 5 drops of Lavender essential oil to a wool dryer ball. Lovely.

Terrific detergent

Use only a capful. Gentle on clothes, towels, & rugs..

Works great, doesn't trigger my contact dermatitis, WIN-WIN! :) Thanks!

As I said in the title, I have contact dermatitis. Yeah, all the sulfates, artificial colors and scents, parabens, and many other chemicals they call 'safe' will break me out in horrible painful, itchy bumps everywhere. So, this doesn't do that! It works great on my laundry and they smell and feel and look clean while only using a half capful per load on my HE washer! Sweet! If you have any dermatitis, psoriasis (like my husband) or eczema, give this a try. I feel you will be very happy with it! :) Thanks Heritage Park!

Hi Sheryl,
We're so glad to hear you and your husband (and your skin) are loving our detergent!

Heritage Park Premium Fine Mesh Laundry Bags

Heritage Park Luxury Silk & Wool Laundry Detergent - Lavender Mist


This detergent is gentle and cleans my silk pillow case well


I needed new laundry detergent since my old brand apparently was contaminated with bacteria and frankly left stains behind, this detergent is great, no strong smell but cleans well, I have silk bed sheets and I need something gentle yet cleansing, sticking to this company

High quality massive laundry bags!

I ordered the large size of the laundry bags. The large version would be big enough to launder a blanket or a larger garment, or a large number of smaller delicates. I am super impressed with the quality of the construction, and the gusset makes them even more flexible to accommodate a lot of volume. I will likely end up ordering the small ones at some point.

Great value

I agree that there is no scent on my clothes, but my brother said that another detergent I used was over the top, so that is a good thing. I use two small capsules, which is quite a money saver, and my clothes are clean. It is very good at removing stains and I am pleased.

Brilliant at getting towels, sheets & clothes really clean without harsh chemicals

Best laundry detergent I’ve used! Gets towels, sheets and clothes really clean without the harsh chemicals. I had been using “The Laundress” for more than 15 years but the quality had changed since they sold to Unilever in 2019. Now with “The Laundress” recent bacterial contamination (2021 - 2022) and recall I wasn’t sure what to use. I read an article online from “Fine Linen and Bath” comparing luxury brand detergents and Heritage Park came highly recommended. I’m extremely grateful for your superb products.

Silk Wash

Great product!! Highly recommended!

Great product

I love this product with no perfumes in,

Great Bundle

This is a great bundle for those trying to try the laundry detergent, balls, and bags. It has everything one needs to do laundry!

Heritage Park Silk & Wool Laundry Bundle
Clifford Rogers (Bismarck, US)
Great stuff

Cleans great and has a nice smell. The cap, is a little to be desired, pretty much makes a mess trying to fill it, but all in all, great product


I don't see anything that says non-comedogenic. This term basically means the product has been proven in a lab to not clog your pores or harm your skin when it makes contact with your skin.

Hi Victor,
Great question! Our Fragrance Free detergents have both been hypoallergenic tested as well as dermatological tested and don’t contain and fragrances, waxy softeners, or other common pore-clogging detergent ingredients like SLS and PG. The only possible ingredient that we use that could clog pores is coconut oil based Sodium Cocoate. But coconut oil also naturally has an antibacterial and anti fungal effect which is why it’s a great alternation for skin care products too. So, while we don’t currently have any type of non-comedogenic ‘certification’, it’s definitely something we’ve kept in mind in our formulation and will be sure to add to our testing protocol in the near future.

Mesh Laundry bags

I got two large Mesh Laundry bags which were very big, definitely enjoyed doing laundry without having to just thrown all my delicates in.

Good stuff.

It’s hard to find a quality silk detergent in the stores, and this stuff seems to be the best I’ve tried so far for my silk sheets. The shipping was fast and the cost was reasonable. I get more after I use this batch up.

Gentle But Mighty

I've used Heritage Park Laundry Detergent for several years, because I can trust it with even the most delicate items.




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