Designed to enhance both laundry and household cleaning, this
eco-friendly solution offers a potent yet gentle cleaning experience.
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Based on 190 reviews

Easy to use! Nice fragrance! I look forward to it keeping my Blissy pillowcases in good shape for a long time!!

Naturally Bright Oxygen Powder
Darrel Harvey (US)
Great stuff

Yet another outstanding product . . . . use it in good faith

Great Product

I wash my satin pillow case and feels and smells good.

Excellent work

Your truly have found a great formula for silk and cashmere. Thank you:)

You did a great job with the formula!

Love the way it washes my silks and wools. They come out so soft thank you

You did a great job!

Love the way it washes my silks and wools. They come out so soft thank you


Heritage Park has silk laundry handled . It's The Best!

Poor Packaging

Product seems to work, too soon. But packaging is not consumer friendly,,, hard to open and you… into what??? No measuring cup provided…. like a cap.

Looking for clean ingredient silk wash

Recently purchase some silk items and was looking for a clean ingredient silk wash, which took some internet searching. Heritage has clean ingredients and works well. Fast delivery and good customer service.

good product

good product. leaves a very nice subtle smell

Love It!

I was on a mission to find a detergent that is skin friendly and eco conscious while also smelling fabulous and I think I found the one! I love heritage park for how it freshens up my laundry nicely and the clothes don’t have that oily feel.

Awesome detergent!

This detergent checks all the boxes for me. Very effective at cleaning, no harsh chemicals and no fabric softer required. Love the Spring Magnolia scent! Would love to see laundry fragrance options become available. I highly recommend this detergent!

Works well!

I really like this laundry detergent. The clothes are cleaner, a sweatshirt that was stained it's almost completely gone and it was cold water in a front loader. It cleans towels on warm water very well. I recommend it.

Love it!

I was really excited to find laundry soap that's safe to use on silk and other natural fibers that doesn't contain anything that irritates my skin. Highly recommend!

Love it!

I was really excited to find laundry soap that's safe to use on silk and other natural fibers that doesn't contain anything that irritates my skin. The light fragrance is pleasant ans I love that it's pthalate free. Highly recommend!

So far, So good!

I too was sourcing a new detergent after the recall with The Laundress. Over the past few 8 months or so, I have tried a few laundry soaps, but still feel everything came out hard and stains still never being removed (even with adding the oxygen brighter from the same brand). Also, I feel like my dark tees were still coming out dingy looking. Evan adding Borax, which was recommended, just complicates things.

On the recent hunt again, I came across Heritage Park. Reviews looked good, Ingredients looked good, so I decided to give it a shot. So far so good!

The fact that this has enzymes, and I can utilize ONE detergent delicate enough for my Abyss towels and keep my tees and jeans from fading, while getting out the dirt and any dinner grease stains - I'm Sold. Haven’t tried the silk wash for my Cashmere & Down yet, but even then I will only be up to two products.

Even with TL detergents before recall, I would have to either soak or wash 3 or more times to get stains out. Even treating with their separate stain solution. Yeah, it all smelled nice, but never actually lasted. When the recall came about, I had about 12 different bottles from special washes for delicates, whites, laundry, denim, cashmere, and stain solutions. Heritage Park has basically consolidated all of these into one product. I have mixed a little with water to pre-treat and works excellent without the multiple washes. No scent, just clean which I don’t mind since spraying a nice cologne on is nicer anyway. Customer service has been awesome! Think I will be buying the larger size and sticking to this detergent moving forward.

Heritage Park Fine Mesh Laundry Bags

Nice and sturdy

These mesh bags work well with fragile items. The stitching feels tight and secure and the zipper is not flimsy. Hoping they last a long time.


Shore Breeze and the Fragrance free are excellent and what we use for our laundry business.

Love it!

I love this laundry detergent because it is safe for all of my natural fiber items.


was looking for a replacement after my other detergent was recalled. very pleased with the customer service here.

Heritage Park Silk & Wool Laundry Detergent - Fragrance Free

spring magnolia

Absolutely love the spring magnolia scent!


I want to take very good care of my silk, and this detergent feels like I am doing just that!