*NEW* Laundry detergent designed to enhance laundry cleaning for your workout wear. Transform your sweaty and stained sports wear to a new level of clean.
Enhance your laundry routine to brighten and restore your fabrics.


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pretty good

Gently cleanses my silk pieces without any strong fragrances. Will be repurchasing!

Love this soap. I never worry when washing my delicates when I use this.

Great for washing delicate items !

Awesome product!

My satin pillowcase has loved this soap. I have actually used it on regular clothes too and my body acne loves me for it!

Heritage Park Fine Mesh Laundry Bags
Jennifer Crawford (US)
Nice bags!

They work well & keep things organized, no orphans!

All purpose Fragrance Free is the best!

I really like this laundry detergent, it cleans that's the important thing. The lid of the container does drip a bit, so I've put it in a mason jar with a pump lid, works perfectly & no mess.

Heritage Park is making an effort to reduce plastic waste

I'm glad that this formula for wool and silk exists. I just wish I could get a simple soap or soap flakes for these protein-based items. Also, I'd give five stars for a plastic-free version!

Great on skin

I have very sensitive skin, detergents break my back out and back of legs easily. This works great, no breakouts! Clothes don't come out with a bad smell, or any smell at that.

So far, so good!I

like the items I have tried in the sample bundle - the laundry soap and body wash.

I haven't tried the toilet bowl cleaner yet -- I wanted to use up the last of the liquid one first.

Unfortunately, I can't find the hand soap, which I was looking forward to most of all. I picked up the mail on my drive home. While sitting in the car, I opened every box up to see what the items looked like, then placed them all in a grocery bag to bring into the house. The hand soap never made it; I've searched car and house (and in between) multiple times. I will have to order it again!

My favorite detergent

My husband has a fragrance allergy and Heritage Park is my go-to luxury detergent for our household. Our clothes are soft and fresh, with no discernible smell, my favorite type of clean. I keep the cashmere wash on hand for hand washables as well and it gently launders even dry clean only items.

Very Nice

My husband found this detergent as he was very unhappy with the detergent we were using. We weren't sure what to expect, but really like it. Our clothes now feel truly clean with no odor.

No more dry cleaners & dry cleaning pollution!

I love wearing silks, wool, cashmere and other natural fibers. However, I learned via the EPA website that my local dry cleaner was a polluter which lead me to more research on the toxic chemicals, various processes, and difficulties in determining whether a dry cleaner is safe/healthy for the environment or not? My frustration lead me to research handwashing silks, wool, cashmere and other natural fibers by hand... and hence I found Heritage Park and this refill option. I bought it, have washed my silks, washed my favorite cashmere hoodie and let air dry flat, and WOW! The results were wayyy better than my dry cleaning experience, especially for the cashmere hoodie. The silks just needed a light press or steam and came out great! I'm glad I bought the refill size as I will be washing my natural fiber products by hand from now. Its worth the labor and patience in order to better serve the environment! The scent in lovely!!

Easy Laundry Day!

Love the fact that the Silk & Wool Laundry Detergent (Fragrance Free) has clean ingredients, and you don’t need much because it’s concentrated. Silk pillowcases, sweaters, lingerie, etc., all come out beautifully clean and fresh. And the Wool Dryer Balls are also a fantastic find – a natural way to help clothes dry a little faster, with fewer wrinkles and less static. A few of the balls just live in the dryer and are always ready for the next load. All in all, Heritage Park has made laundry day easier and worry-free. Great products and excellent customer service!

Heritage Park Fine Mesh Laundry Bags
Marianne Gottlieb (US)
Great features

I use laundry bags and the pod style for all sorts of bras and smaller items such as lens cleaning cloths.
These are the best I have used.
The smaller hole size in the mesh meant bra hooks did not grab onto other bags. The zipper teeth are smooth and the zipper slides into a protective pouch.
I purchased the small bag but it was plenty big and allowed for the items to move around yet the sport bras and bralettes inserts did not come out and stayed put.

Wool Dryer Balls

We have not used the wool dryer balls yet, and are still debating about using them for a couple of reasons. One they have lanolin in them and I have a problem with lanolin. Two we live in a damp climate and have trouble with things molding. So as for this review we just do not know. We may find other uses for them.

The BEST Laundry Bags

I was thrilled to use the large and well made Heritage Park Laundry Bags! The nicest ones I have ever used in my 50+ years of doing laundry!

Perfect for cashmere

Since cashmere is hand washable I wanted to be careful about what I used. This is the best ever! Did u know u can wear cashmere 6 times before having to wash? I'm never buying another hand detergent

Tired of chemicals, try this!

I’m done with chemicals in the laundry. Only complaint I have, is the container needs to be larger with a bigger cap for spill free pouring. Love the refill bags, they need to be larger as well. I’m not a fan of my front load washer (never again), however, this detergent along with the OXy-Powder keeps the odors at bay.

Excellent Laundry Products

All Purpose product, low suds in our front loading washer. Excellent stain removal. Excellent previously Febrezed odor in cloth reducer/remover. Brightens or removes dingy color in our clothing. Lavender scent that actually smells like real lavender. No odd chemical odors. Silk and Wool product the same excellent results so far. No allergy reactions to the products. Love your laundry detergents! Please never stop making them!!!

Bob and Linda Hasbargen

P.S. Because we only ordered the refill bags, we are not sure of the amount to use per load. Please advise.

love all product

This is my second time order from Heritage. It's good product. Will keep purchasing from them.

Excellent product

This is the best detergent. It is powerful but it is gentle. I trust it completely and use it for other fine fabrics as well.

Easy to use! Nice fragrance! I look forward to it keeping my Blissy pillowcases in good shape for a long time!!

Naturally Bright Oxygen Powder
Darrel Harvey (US)
Great stuff

Yet another outstanding product . . . . use it in good faith

Great Product

I wash my satin pillow case and feels and smells good.

Excellent work

Your truly have found a great formula for silk and cashmere. Thank you:)