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Great detergent for my silk masks

I bought this to wash my silk masks, which are gentler on the skin. I’m impressed with the results and know my masks (and other delicate clothing) will last longer because of the quality of detergent. Will definitely purchase again!

Heritage Park Silk & Wool Detergent—Fragrance Free

Have only had the product for two weeks, but have used on silk pillowcases and woolen comforter and was very pleased with results: thorough cleaning of items and love the fact there is no lingering fragrance. Product dissolves well, instructions were helpful.

Heritage Park Premium Fine Mesh Laundry Bags
Abelardo Martinez (Riverside, US)
Best laundry bags!

I bought this bags for my silk pillowcase and they worked very good 👍

Nice summer smell

So I have both the unscented one and lavender. I was reluctant because I do not like the smell onk detergent in general. But I must admit that it smells natural not like chemicals and it dit not stick on clothes in an unpleasant way. Tried only on silk which I always pretreat but the real test will be on wool. All in all I do believe that it is a very good detergent for silk garments.

Works Great!

I bought it for my silk pillowcases and it works great cleaning the funk but not destroying the silk fibers. The only regret I have is not buying 2 instead of one bottle. I got the unscented kind for wool & silk.

Love this detergent!!!

I bought this product just for my linen sheets. I love how soft my linens have become. Thank you guys for this product!!!

So far so good

We have only used the silk/wool wash and the all purpose detergent once each, but it seems like they will work out well. We were pleased with the ease of ordering and reasonable delivery time. Thanks!

Great detergent

So I have red about a lot of silk detergents before deciding on this one. I have tried so far the unscented one on silk and the result is satisfying so far in the sense that the garment was washed well smelled like clean clothing but without any scent, just a fresh smell. I did not noticed any colour tracing on garment but still do not know if it is preserving colour really well. All in all I am satisfied with the product and I hope that will protect the fiber of the fabric. Definitely will buy again.

Best laundry detergent

It works very good 👍

Heritage Park Premium Fine Mesh Laundry Bags
richard cunningham (San Francisco, US)
Fine Mesh Laundry Bags


Great laundry detergent and I love the wool dryer balls

They work great and I like the lack of odor. Its a very natural and long lasting. Highly recommend

Love it❣️

Pleasantly surprised at how well this product works! Fresh scent is just right.

Love this detergent!!!

I bought this detergent just for my linen sheets and clothing. I love how soft my linens have become. Thank you for this product!

So far so good

I purchased this to preserve my silk sheets, which are quite an investment. I have no complaints so far. You use very little detergent per load of wash.

It works!

This is the perfect detergent to wash my silk pillowcases. I am allergic to fragrence so that rules out most detergents for me.
The free and clear version of tide makes the silk feel scratchy and I was afraid that it would ruin all my silk. This product works, the silk is soft and smooth after washing, has no scent, and didnt require steaming. Win, win ,win.

The solution to Woolite

I’m not interested in fragrancing my laundry and this natural fiber laundry product is top quality and free of any perfume, which is what I want.

Excellent i like it very much i have not had a chance to give any to my family and friends yet i am sure everyone will love it you guys will hear from me again

Perfect for my silk (and other) face masks!

I recently switched to mulberry silk face masks to combat the stupid "maskne" breakouts I was getting from the polyester and even the 100% cotton versions that I was using before. (Unrelated to the detergent, YES the silk helps immensely with the breakouts & would recommend switching to anyone with similar issues!)
That said, I was using my regular unscented natural detergent to wash my silk masks and noticed they were breaking down a bit, probably from the enzymes that are great for stains but terrible for natural fibers.
After reaching out to their amazing customer service folks, I tried some samples of the Heritage Park silk detergent and it is perfect!
I handwash them and hang to dry and my masks come out clean with no residue and no leftover makeup/sunscreen. A little goes a long way (I only used maybe a teaspoon per wash for three masks). They also feel much smoother and "silkier" than with the other detergent. I'm confident it's going to keep them nicer much longer.
I've been wearing the masks washed with this detergent for about a week now and haven't noticed any additional breakouts or sensitivities that could be attributed to the detergent.
I am very sensitive to smells so the unscented is definitely the way to go for me with something so close to my face but the lavender is very light and pleasant so if you're not a scent sensitive person it could probably still work for masks as well. I'll be using the remaining sample to wash some scarves and delicates that aren't sitting against my nose all day. :)
Overall I'm absolutely thrilled and very happy I found an all natural detergent to keep my pricey silk masks in good shape!

Terrific product

I use this for machine and hand laundry of all delicate clothes except wool. It is gentle but really good at getting out stains, without any scent.


Yes, the spelling mistake is on purpose. I love the scent of my silk clothing and pillowcases. Everything came out sparkling clean and smelling fantastic. The lavender mist scented Heritage Park Luxury Silk and Wool Laundry Detergent is perfect for my fine washables. Regular detergent is hard on silk fibers where as this product is gentle on my clothes. Thank you

The detergent is Excellent it cleans my silk pillowcase, while not being too harsh for the silk, and provides a subtle lavender scent.


It came packaged well and on time. It is nice, not sure yet if I will continue to purchase or go back to my current.

My order for Heritage Park soap came safely and well packaged, on time as promised.