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The Laundry Lowdown

How to Wash Your Blissy Silk Pillowcase. YourBlissy pillowcases requires a bit of special care. We’ll show you exactly how to wash your Blissy pillowcase; offer general instructions for washing silk; and explain why you should only use certain types of laundry detergent.
The laundry care label is the very first place you should look when you’re thinking about cleaning a garment or piece of home linen. These instructions come directly from the manufacturer, and they know best how to wash and dry the item. But understanding those care labels - and their mysterious symbols - can be a bit confusing. Today, we’ll take you through common laundry symbols and explain exactly what each means.
Heritage Park proudly announces the addition of its newest product: Baby and Toddler Laundry Detergent. Formulated to be gentle on baby skin and effective on baby stains, this fragrance-free detergent is made with a powerful five-enzyme blend that targets the toughest stains. It is safe for use on baby clothes, bedding, soft toys, and more.
10 Tips to keeping your fine linens and delicate garments safe. Whether it's fine bedding, washable cashmere a wool blanket or a garments made of silk, your fine washables are a big investment. And with proper care, these beloved items should look beautiful and perform well for years to come. The key is to select the right detergent.
Can you wash wool? Whether it's a wool sweater, wool blanket, merino wool socks or other wool garment, many wool products are indeed washable by hand or machine. The care label is your first and most important place to look when determining if your wool garment or wool blanket is washable.
5 Common baby stains and how-to treat them. Stain removal is not a one size fits all set of guidelines, particularly when it comes to babies, who have sensitive skin and tend to make their own special brand of stains. In every case, however, it’s best to act quickly and plan to soak. The goal is always to get the stain/smell out of the fabric using the gentlest treatment possible.
Five care tips on how to NOT to ruin your new silk sheets. Are youe nervous about caring for your silk sheets. After all, they're a big investment. Can you machine wash? How do you wash? How do you protect your silk sheets in the washing machine? Should you use a special detergent? Can you put them in the dryer? So. Many. Questions.
Nobody likes waking up to discover blood on their sheets or pajamas. Follow these 6 fast step for removing the blood stain and get your favorite sheets or pajamas clean and back on the bed in no time.
When you purchase a set of luxury sheets or a duvet cover they are an investment, and you want to make them last. Learn our top 5 care tips to keep your bed linens staying luxurious for years to come, starting with your first wash.

We’re all about making it easy to care for your fine linen and clothing with this guide to 17 must-have stain treatment products and tools. Stain removal is always easier when you have the proper tools. Keeping these essential stain removal products and tools on hand will make tackling tough linen and clothing stains much simpler.

We are reviewing Heritage Park All-Purpose Laundry Detergent and Le Blanc Linen Wash. We compare and contrast the similarities and differences of these two top detergents for your fine washables and delicates.
Are you a bit baffled by the buttons and dials on your washer? If so, you’re in good company. It’s super easy to press “Normal” and “Auto Fill” and walk away knowing your clothes will get (more or less) clean. But if you’ve doing that -- no judgement here -- you’re probably not getting top performance from your washing machine. Read to learn more about what those dials and settings mean.