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Stock up and Save with our step-by-step guide to shopping for all your laundry needs
Stock up and Save with our easy step-by-step guide to shopping for all your favorite detergent and accessories

The Laundry Lowdown

This blog offers a guide to choosing laundry detergent for sensitive skin. It explores the ingredients that can trigger reactions and emphasizes the importance of choosing hypoallergenic, pH-neutral, natural detergents, like those made by Heritage Park.
  • 6 min read
This article provides a guide for washing down pillows and comforters. It suggests that while many down pillows and comforters can be washed in a washing machine, it is important to first read the care label and proceed accordingly. The article recommends that down pillows and comforters should be washed at least twice a year, but if the care label says "Dry Clean Only," the article recommends taking the item to a professional. In addition, the article suggests tips for keeping the down bedding fresh between washings, such as using a pillow protector and a comforter cover, as well as airing out the bedding in the sun. Finally, the article recommends using a mild, enzyme-free detergent specifically formulated for protein-based fabrics, such as silk and wool.
  • 7 min read
This article explains how to properly wash and care for your brand-name athletic clothing.
  • 5 min read

This article discusses how to safely machine wash your Victoria’s Secret lingerie as well as helpful tips to launder all delicates.

  • 5 min read
Parents of a newborn baby are often surprised at just how sensitive their skin is. Along with being brand new to all the allergies and irritants of everyday life, babies are also still developing their immune systems. You want to choose a gentle, non-irritating detergent to wash toddler and baby clothes, towels, bedding, and even cloth diapers. Any chemicals that remain in cloth or fabric have the potential to trigger allergies or irritation on sensitive skin.
  • 6 min read
Using a hypoallergenic laundry detergent is a good idea for anyone with sensitive skin. But the term "hypoallergenic" can mean different things depending on the detergent manufacturer making the claim. This article discusses hypoallergenic detergent and helps consumers understand what they should look for when choosing a laundry detergent that won’t irritate skin.
  • 6 min read