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The Laundry Lowdown

What’s the difference between bio and non bio detergents? Read on to discover exactly what biological detergents are; how and when to use them; and -- just as important -- when to use a non biological laundry detergent instead.
Nobody likes waking up to discover blood on their sheets or pajamas. Follow these 6 fast step for removing the blood stain and get your favorite sheets or pajamas clean and back on the bed in no time.
When you purchase a set of luxury sheets or a duvet cover they are an investment, and you want to make them last. Learn our top 5 care tips to keep your bed linens staying luxurious for years to come, starting with your first wash.

We’re all about making it easy to care for your fine linen and clothing with this guide to 17 must-have stain treatment products and tools. Stain removal is always easier when you have the proper tools. Keeping these essential stain removal products and tools on hand will make tackling tough linen and clothing stains much simpler.

AtHeritage Park Laundry, we say: don’t sweat the stains. We believe fine fabrics are meant to be used and enjoyed, and that means picking up a few stains here and there. So, take a deep breath, and follow these 7 simple stain removal tips to treat stains in a snap.
Nothing ruins a good bath towel like build-up, your favorite towel goes from soft, fluffy, and absorbent to matted, scratchy, and uncomfortable. Even high-quality luxury bath towels accumulate build-up over time, which diminishes their look, feel, and absorbency. Learn how-to keep your towels soft and feeling great.
Even the most casual label readers among us have seen the term "laundry enzymes" or "biological detergents." Although they've been around decades, enzyme-boosting laundry detergents are absolutely having their moment, and with good reason: they're fabulous for removing tough stains.
Enzyme-based stain treatment products and detergents like Heritage Park Fine Laundry detergent are highly effective at removing stains (particularly protein-based stains such blood, body fluids, dairy products, egg) and can be used regularly to launder most fabrics. These enzyme-based treatments and detergents can also be used sparingly to treat stains on protein-based fabrics such as silk or wool. For regular laundering of wool and silk, we recommend an enzyme-free detergent such as Fine Silk and Wool Detergent from Heritage Park.