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The Laundry Lowdown

The article is a Q&A conducted with Texas-based home services company, Bacon Plumbing Heating Air Electric. The topic is septic-safe laundry detergent. Septic systems are used in over a quarter of American homes, and require regular maintenance to avoid backups and damage to the bacteria that break down waste. It is also important to use a septic-safe detergent, like those produced by Heritage Park. Made with safe, natural ingredients, Heritage Park detergents are biodegradable and environmentally-friendly, making them a great choice for septic owners and anyone who wants to clean their clothes effectively with minimal environmental impact.
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The article from Heritage Park Laundry Essentials discusses why most wool doesn’t need to be washed in detergent containing lanolin. Although lanolin helps protect wool coats from elements, pure lanolin creates a water-repellent barrier that is not desirable for most garments. Detergent with lanolin should only be used for outerwear or other external layers that require a waterproof barrier. Lanolin hampers wool's breathable and moisture-wicking properties that make wool so comfortable and cozy when used on items such as sweaters, socks, lingerie, long underwear, or loungewear. The article recommends using a gentle, pH-neutral detergent that is enzyme-free and made for laundering natural fibers like Silk and Wool Detergent from Heritage Park Laundry Essentials. The article also provides tips on how to hand or machine wash wool garments.

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Here at Heritage Park, we spend a good bit of time telling you what’s in our detergent and—most importantly—what’s not in it! Our short list of ingredients features plant-based compounds and a proprietary blend of enzymes to effectively clean and safely care for your clothes and linen.
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Here at Heritage Park, we’re all about best practices for doing your laundry. That’s why we constantly remind our clients not to overload their washing machines. But, depending on your specific machine and what exactly you’re laundering, that advice can be a bit vague. If you ask my husband, a “regular” size load is as much as he can stuff in the machine! But in short, a general guide for most washers is to not fill the drum any more than half way. Read on, as this blog will help clear up any confusion by discussing washing machine capacity and proper load size.
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An ingredient list can tell you a lot about what’s in your laundry detergent. Just as important, though, is what gets left out, especially when it comes to toxic ingredients and chemicals that can irritate the skin. This article talks about what Heritage Park Laundry Detergent deliberately leaves out of our products. Read on to learn why our natural laundry detergent outperforms conventional laundry detergent.
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