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The Laundry Lowdown

How to Wash Your Blissy Silk Pillowcase. YourBlissy pillowcases requires a bit of special care. We’ll show you exactly how to wash your Blissy pillowcase; offer general instructions for washing silk; and explain why you should only use certain types of laundry detergent.
10 Tips to keeping your fine linens and delicate garments safe. Whether it's fine bedding, washable cashmere a wool blanket or a garments made of silk, your fine washables are a big investment. And with proper care, these beloved items should look beautiful and perform well for years to come. The key is to select the right detergent.
Five care tips on how to NOT to ruin your new silk sheets. Are youe nervous about caring for your silk sheets. After all, they're a big investment. Can you machine wash? How do you wash? How do you protect your silk sheets in the washing machine? Should you use a special detergent? Can you put them in the dryer? So. Many. Questions.
Silk bedding manufacturers recommends choosing a detergent specially formulated for silk, and with good reason, silk is a natural fiber and washing it in detergents that are either too acidic or too alkaline will cause those fibers to harden. Silk bedding is surprisingly simple to care for, the secret is choosing a laundry soap uniquely formulated for silk.
We make detergents that are gentle, environmentally friendly, and made with naturally derived ingredients while being fabulous for everyday wash and tackling tough stains.  All Heritage Park detergents are Leaping Bunny Approved, manufactured entirely without animal testing, and made without dyes or harsh chemicals.