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How to Wash Your UGG Comforter Set

UGG comforter sets bring the luxe, plush style of legendary UGG footwear to your bedroom. Unlike your UGG boots, however, your UGG comforter and pillow shams can be machine washed. This article offers simple instructions for washing your UGG comforter set to keep it clean, cozy, and inviting.

UGG Comforter Sets: Super Stylish and Easy Care

If you’re a UGG lover, you know that the cozy, luxurious feel of UGG footwear is a whole vibe that is absolutely back in style. And if you can’t get enough of that legendary UGG comfort and quality during the day, you can slip into a UGG comforter set at night (lucky you!). Made with the same attention to detail as your favorite Tazz slippers, UGG comforter sets feature a winning combo of soft, plush fabrics like sherpa and faux fur to provide a sumptuous and inviting feel to your bed. There are a handful of welcoming styles to choose from, but our far and away favorite is the UGG Blissful Comforter Set, which replicates the classic UGG sheepskin style with a box-quilted plush polyester on one side and sherpa microfleece on the other. Even better? Blissful, and most UGG comforters and shams can be machine washed and dried!

The Heritage Park Clean Team -- every one of us, lifelong UGG fans -- are here to help with step-by-step guidance for washing your UGG comforter set. Read on to learn how to get your UGG comforter clean while keeping it super soft and cozy.

How Often to Wash Your UGG Comforter Set

We get this question a lot, and the answer varies with each individual. A good guideline is to wash your comforter every three to six months. You can launder more frequently if you are sensitive to allergens or live in a home that is particularly prone to dust; a good washing is a wonderful way to minimize the impact of dust mites and environmental allergens that collect on fabric. Of course, you should also launder the comforter any time there is a stain or spill (check out our helpful stain removal guide). Always check the care label on your specific comforter for manufacturer recommendations, as some comforters may have specific washing instructions due to their materials or construction. Additionally, make sure to wash your comforter and pillow shams at the same time to ensure equal wear.

Choose the Right Detergent for Washing Your UGG Comforter Set

It’s super important to choose the best detergent for washing your UGG comforter set. You want a formula that cleans effectively without harsh detergent chemicals that can take a toll on the fabric. Additionally, keep in mind that the comforter comes in contact with your skin, so you want a mild detergent that won’t irritate dermatitis or other allergies, especially if you’ve got sensitive skin. We recommend using Heritage Park All-Purpose laundry detergent because it is made with natural, plant-based ingredients, pH-neutral, lab-certified as hypoallergenic, and dermatologist-tested (learn more about hypoallergenic detergent here). Heritage Park All-Purpose Detergent contains a powerful blend of natural cleaning enzymes that break down and remove sweat, stain, dirt, and odors without heavy chemicals or unnecessary fragrance. Learn how enzymes work here and more about the harsh chemicals we DON’T use in our products. If you prefer a subtle scent to your detergent, choose one of our lightly fragranced options, including Spring Magnolia, Lavender Mist, or Shore Breeze.

Supplies You’ll Need to Wash Your UGG Comforter Set

Get ready to wash your UGG Comforter Set with the following supplies:

  • A gentle detergent like Heritage Park All-Purpose Laundry Detergent in Fragrance-Free/Hypoallergenic (or one of our lightly scented formulas)
  • A front-loading washing machine with a gentle cycle
  • Mesh laundry bags (optional for shams)
  • Enzyme stain remover, or a spray bottle for making your own stain treatment with a 1:1 ratio of Heritage Park All-Purpose Detergent and water.
  • A dryer
  • Wool dryer balls


Steps for Machine Washing Your UGG Comforter Set 

Follow these washing instructions to take the very best care of your UGG Comforter.

1. Read the Care Instructions

Read the care label before beginning the washing process. Most UGG Comforter sets can be machine washed, but it is always best to make certain in the event delicate fabrics are used. For example, the UGG Brenden Comforterset is polyester faux fur and micromink, while the Aileen Coverlet Set is cotton gauze reversing to solid cotton, so care guidelines will differ. Check out our helpful guide to deciphering laundry symbols

2. Pretreat and Presoak Stains Immediately

Pre-treat or pre-soak any sweat or other stains as soon as possible. We recommend using an enzyme stain remover, or making a solution of a 1:1 ratio of Heritage Park All Purpose Laundry Detergent and water in a spray bottle. You can also pre-treat stains with a small amount of All-Purpose Detergent directly applied to the area.

3. Use a Front-Loading Machine (Probably at the Laundromat)

Trust us on this one. Bulky items like comforters should ALWAYS be washed in a front-loading machine or a top loader without an agitator. Additionally, we don’t recommend washing anything bigger than a Twin comforter in your machine at home. Our best advice is to make a trip to your local laundromat and avail yourself of a high-capacity front loader for this task.

4. Wash Your Comforter/Shams in a Dedicated Load

Always wash your UGG comforter and shams in their own load. We get it: you’ve made the trip to the laundromat and it’s probably very tempting to toss in a few heavier items like bath rugs. Unfortunately, items of different weight, texture, and color can damage or bleed onto your comforter.

5. Consider Putting Your Shams in a Mesh Laundry Bag

This isn’t strictly necessary, but using a large mesh laundry bag for your pillow shams will protect these smaller pieces from getting snagged in the machine and tangled in the heavier comforter.

6. Use A Normal Cycle and Warm Water

While hot water is not necessary, we typically recommend warm water for items like bedding -- even comforters -- which tend to collect microscopic mites, bacteria, and body oils. Additionally, warm water maximizes the cleaning power of laundry enzymes by allowing them to circulate most effectively. However, if directions specify cool or cold water, use that setting. Check out our guide to laundry machine cycles and settings here.

7. Never Use Bleach, Fabric Softener, and Dryer Sheets

These products are totally unnecessary and can seriously damage your UGG bedding. Learn more about why you should skip the fabric softener and dryer sheets.

8. Tumble Dry with Wool Dryer Balls

Shake your comforter and shams out after the wash cycle. Tumble dry on low heat and add a set of natural wool dryer balls. These will speed the drying process and restore the fluff of your comforter. If you need to hang your comforter to dry, lay it over a drying rack or a clothesline indoors or outside away from direct sunlight.

Washing UGG Blankets and Throws

While these specific instructions are geared toward washing UGG comforter sets, you can also adapt them for washing UGG blankets and throws. If your UGG blanket is smaller, you may be able to use your washing machine at home, although we don’t recommend washing anything larger than a throw-size blanket in a machine with an agitator.

We hope this blog has left you well-informed on how to care for your UGG comforter set. As always, the Heritage Park Clean Team is here to answer any laundry care or detergent questions you have. Feel free to reach out any time!

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