*NEW* Laundry detergent designed to enhance laundry cleaning for your workout wear. Transform your sweaty and stained sports wear to a new level of clean.
Enhance your laundry routine to brighten and restore your fabrics.

Activewear Enzyme Blend

Heritage Park Activewear Laundry Detergent is made to transform your sports and exercise wear to a new level of clean. Our secret? A double dose of hardworking laundry enzymes made for tackling post-workout sweat, stains, and odors.

What Are Detergent Enzymes?

Enzymes in detergent are all-natural ingredients that act as cleaning catalysts. Much like digestive enzymes in saliva, detergent enzymes work by breaking stains down into their individual components to make them easier to remove. Most stains are a complex blend of proteins, fats, and other compounds. Different types of enzymes target different types of stains, which is why a blend of enzymes is required.

How Enzymes Work in Our Activewear Detergent

A hard, sweaty workout will produce several types of stains on your clothing, most notably perspiration and stains from deodorant or personal care products. The key is to use the best possible combination of enzymes to eradicate the dirt, sweat, and odors on your exercise gear. The enzymes in our Activewear Detergent work like position players on a sports team, each tackling a different type of stain or compound and clearing the path for the stain to be removed. This leaves your clothing clean, fresh, and ready for your next workout.

Our double dose of powerful detergent enzymes will break down even the toughest stains. The specific blend of enzymes in our Activewear Detergent is proprietary information, but we’re happy to share the ingredients:

  • Protease: Breaks down protein-based stains, including sweat, blood, grass, dirt, and mud.
  • Mannanase: Targets gums are found in deodorant and personal care products.
  • Amylase: Breaks down starches used to stabilize many foods.
  • Cellulase: Breaks down dirt and other organic residue without damaging fabric.

Powerful? Absolutely. But also, all-natural to clean your workout clothing without the use of harsh chemicals, bleach, or brighteners. This protects the look, feel, and performance of your activewear. 

So go ahead and enjoy that sweaty workout. And let Heritage Park Activewear Detergent do the heavy lifting on your laundry.

Our Product Stewardship Guidelines direct us to select ingredients that have been manufactured or processed in a manner that supports our philosophy of environmental friendliness.

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