Propanediol: Ingredient Stabilizer & Solvent

What is it?

Propanediol is a plant-based, clear liquid derived entirely from corn. This colorless liquid is natural, safe, skin-friendly, and renew-ably sourced.


What does it do?

Propanediol is a stabilizer that keeps ingredients from separating. We use this stabilizer to ensure the even distribution of our cleaning ingredients throughout the detergent. When components are evenly distributed, our products clean your laundry more effectively.


How is it made?

Propanediol is made by extracting sugar from corn and fermenting it. This process is sustainable, as it relies on a renewable resource (corn) and produces up to 40% fewer greenhouse gases than are made by producing other common stabilizing agents.



 *Please note that throughout Summer 2021 we've improved our formula by removing the ingredient Propylene Glycol (also known as 1,2-propanediol) and replacing it with 1,3-Propanediol which is equally effective, but recognized as a safer alternative by the EPA, the National Eczema Association, and the National Psoriasis Foundation.

What product is this ingredient in?

Our Product Stewardship Guidelines direct us to select ingredients that have been manufactured or processed in a manner that supports our philosophy of environmental friendliness.

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