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How to Fold a Fitted Sheet (It’s Easier Than You Think!)

How to Fold a Fitted Sheet (It’s Easier Than You Think!)

Save time, space, and aggravation with these easy-to-follow instructions for folding your fitted sheets.

If your idea of folding a fitted sheet is rolling it in a ball and stuffing it in your drawer or closet, this blog is for you. We joke a lot about how hard it is to fold a fitted sheet. But when you’re looking to maximize storage space in your linen closet and prevent wrinkles, knowing how to fold a fitted bed sheet is essential information.

Heritage Park Laundry Essentials is here to show you how. Folding sheets is an art form, but one you can easily master. These easy-to-follow, simple steps will have you folding fitted sheets like a pro in no time. (Note: when learning to fold a fitted sheet, it is easiest to work at a table. You will also need the flat surface to complete the final folds).

Steps to Fold a Fitted Sheet

    1. Before you take sheets out of the dryer -- especially if the fabric is delicate like silk or satin -- take off any rings, watches, or jewelry that can snag your sheets (even a sharp fingernail can cause a pull in a delicate sheet set, so keep a nail file handy).
    2. Pick up your sheet with the long side stretched across your chest and the short sides on two separate arms.
    3. In that position, locate two corners of your sheet and put one hand in each corner pocket. 
    4.  Using the table if needed, line up the top and bottom corners on your right arm and tuck the top right corner inside the lower right corner, keeping both together on your right hand (one will be right side out and one will be inside out). 
    5. Again, using the table if needed, line up the top and bottom corners on your left arm and tuck the top left corner inside the bottom left corner, keeping both together on your left hand. Now the sheet will be folded in half, with two corners tucked together on each hand.
    6. Now fold the two sides together, tucking all four corners together in one hand.
    7. Lay the sheet out on a clean table. At this point, it will be roughly a rectangle shape with the elastic edge of the folded corner seams making a curved shape across the top (later, these will be tucked inside the folds).
    8. The final step is to line up the edges of your sheet into a rectangle and fold lengthwise in thirds with both edges to the middle to create straight lines. Fold from one side and then the other to desired size.

    That's it! You've got a perfectly folded fitted sheet. We tuck our folded fitted sheet and folded flat sheet inside a pillowcase for storage. You can also use a breathable fabric storage bag to store your folded sheet set. Store your bedding in a clean, dry place away from direct sunlight. 

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