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How to Wash and Care for Your Zara Clothing

This article offers advice on how to clean and care for Zara clothing. Read on for easy, step-by-step guidance on how to safely and effectively wash your favorite items from this leading fashion brand.

Zara: Runway Style at Accessible Prices

Hey there, Fashionistas! Today, Heritage Park dives into how to care for your favorite glam clothing from one of the most beloved brands in the market: Zara. Founded in the mid-1970s in Spain, Zara has grown into a global fashion phenomenon. It is renowned for its on-trend styles and the ability to quickly translate runway-inspired looks to store shelves at affordable prices. Season after season, Zara shoppers are rewarded with fashion-forward designs ranging from the party vibe of this whimsical organza balloon dress to this sleek and sexy halterjumpsuit to the head-turning collection of gym and street wear (definitely NOT your mother’s yoga pants). Zara sets the standard among fast fashion brands.

Preview of Zara Jumpsuit

If you’re a Zara fan, you know how quickly their selection turns over, and that popular items sell out in a hurry. So when you find a piece you love, you want to make it last. And a big part of keeping your Zara pieces chic and alluring is knowing how to care for them. A good amount of the Zara collection is machine washable (hooray!) and Heritage Park will show you how to do it right. Read on for step-by-step instructions on washing your Zara treasures to keep them runway-ready for seasons to come.

Choose the Right Detergent for Washing Your Zara Clothing

Zara clothing is made with a range of materials, including cotton and blends of synthetic fabrics such as polyester, polyamide, elastane, and more. For these items, use a gentle detergent like Heritage Park All-Purpose Laundry Detergent to effectively clean your Zara clothing and protect delicate fabric. It is pH-neutral and made with natural, plant-based ingredients that are gentle on fabric, but also contains a powerful enzyme blend that breaks down and removes sweat, stains, dirt, and odors with no harshchemicals . Our fragrance-free formula is lab-certified as hypoallergenic , and dermatologist-tested. If you prefer a subtle scent in your detergent, choose one of our lightly fragranced options: Spring Magnolia, Lavender Mist, or Shore Breeze. 

Important care note : Some washable Zara pieces are made from silk, wool, or cashmere (like this Zara silk/wool blend top ). These should not be regularly washed with enzyme detergent which will degrade the fibers in the fabric over time. Instead, use Heritage Park Silk and Wool Detergent and follow care guidelines.

Supplies You’ll Need to Wash Your Zara Clothing

Get ready to wash your Zara with the following supplies:

  • Heritage Park All-Purpose Laundry Detergent in Fragrance-Free/Hypoallergenic (or one of our lightly scented formulas), OR, Heritage Park Silk and Wool Detergent.
  • A washing machine with a gentle cycle.
  • Mesh laundry bags.
  • A spray bottle for making your own enzyme solution.
  • A tub or bucket for pre-soaking and handwashing.
  • A drying rack.

Simple Steps for Machine Washing Your Zara Clothing

Follow these guidelines for washing your Zara clothing.

Step 1: Read the Care Label

The care label on your Zara clothes is the authority on care, and the first place to start before attempting any type of cleaning. You will find that most Zara clothing can be laundered, while some items, like this wool blend coat , require dry cleaning.

Step 2: Pretreat and Presoak Stains Immediately

Pre-treat or pre-soak any stains as soon as possible. We recommend using an enzyme stain remover or make a solution of a 1:1 ratio of Heritage Park All Purpose Laundry Detergent and water in a spray bottle. If you’re on the go, think about carrying an enzyme stain stick or portable spray bottle to use as needed. Also, while you shouldn’t wash silk, wool, or other protein-based fabrics in enzyme detergent, it may be acceptable to use a small amount of enzyme detergent or stain remover on these fabrics; test on an inconspicuous spot.

Step 3: Wash Zara Clothing in a Small Load Sorted by Color and Fabric Type

This will protect your items from fading and damage in the machine.

Step 4: For Delicate Items, Use a Mesh Laundry Bag

For maximum protection, place each clothing item inside a mesh laundry bag to protect it from snagging on tiny burrs of metal inside the machine tub or twisting around the agitator mechanism. 

Heritage Park's Mesh Bag Preview
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Step 5: Use A Gentle Cycle and Cold Water

Hot water takes a toll on fabric and is not truly necessary to clean. Choose cool water and a delicate or “hand wash” cycle for your machine. 

Step 6: Avoid Bleach, Fabric Softener, and Dryer Sheets

These products are unnecessary and can damage clothing. Bleach will cause discoloration and yellowing, and fabric softeners and dryer sheets will leave a waxy build-up both on fabric and on the inside of your machine. 

Step 7: Tumble on Low Temperature or Hang to Dry

When your clothes finish the wash cycle, tumble dry on low or hang them to dry, ideally on a drying rack, to prevent shrinkage and damage to the fabric.


How to Hand Wash Your Zara Clothing

Fill a tub or basin with cool to lukewarm water; add a small amount of Heritage Park All-Purpose OR Silk and Wool Detergent; and swish to dissolve. Submerge your items in the soapy water and gently agitate for a minute or two. Allow the garment to sit for 10 to 15 minutes; gently rub the fabric to remove any residual dirt or stains. Rinse in cool water, and DO NOT wring out. Press excess water out with your hand or blot with a lint-free towel. Air dry, as noted above.

We hope to have given you some great ideas for safely and successfully washing your beloved Zara fashion pieces. Of course, the Heritage Park team is always here to answer questions about how to care for your clothing and home linen.

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