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Laundry Accessories

Not to be forgotten, our essential laundry accessories are here to keep you items safe during laundering. Our Fine Mesh Laundry Bags prevent snags in the wash from tiny cuts or burrs that can occur on the plastic parts inside your machine. They keep items safe from other clothing items too, like zippers or velcro.

Our Wool Dryer Balls are the natural, chemical-free way to speed up drying and soften clothes. These can be used for hundreds of washes, or more, without any need to even remove them from the dryer!

Small (15" x 18") - Pack of 2
$ 15.00
Large (20" x 24") - Pack of 2
$ 19.00
Multi Pack - 1 Small / 1 Large
$ 17.00
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$ 19.00
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