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How to Use Naturally Bright Oxygen Laundry Powder

Introducing the multifaceted uses of Naturally Bright Oxygen Laundry Boosting Powder—a powerful and eco-friendly cleaning agent designed to tackle a plethora of household challenges. Packed with three simple, yet potent, ingredients - Sodium Carbonate, Sodium Percarbonate, and Coco Glucoside - this powder not only offers an effective way to enhance your laundry routine but also serves as a versatile cleaner for various surfaces and fabrics around your home. From stain removal to bathroom cleaning, discover the comprehensive cleaning power of this remarkable powder.

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When mixing Naturally Bright to form a paste or solution, always use hot water to allow the granules to dissolve properly.
*Please Note: Always test any cleaner on a small, inconspicuous area first. Wear gloves to protect your skin and keep out of reach of children and pets.

1. Laundry Booster

Instructions: Add 1/2 to 1 scoop (1-2 tablespoons) of the powder to your washing machine along with your regular detergent to brighten whites, remove stains, and eliminate odors. For with top-load and front-load machines, put the powder directly into the drum of the machine, but into a dispenser.

Some fabrics and dyes can be sensitive to laundry products with a higher pH level. Its always best to test darker and brightly colored fabrics for colorfastness first in an inconspicuous area like the inside of a hem.

2. Stain Pre-Treatment

Instructions: Make a paste by mixing a small amount of powder with hot water. Amount needed will vary based on stain size and application area. Apply to the stain and allow it to sit for 10-15 minutes, then wash following item’s care label instructions. Avoid letting it dry completely.

3. All-Purpose Cleaner

Instructions: Dissolve 1/2 to 1 scoop (1-2 tablespoons) of powder in a gallon of warm water. Use this solution for countertops, sinks, tiles, and floors. Rinse or wipe clean after.

4. Carpet Cleaner

Instructions: For fresh stains, blot up as much of the stain as possible along with any solids. Dissolve a half a scoop (1 tablespoon) of powder in 1 cup of hot water, apply to the stain thoroughly, taking care to place a thick rag or barrier under the rug if it’s an area rug.

Let it sit 5-10 minutes, then blot up the solution and stain with a clean rag. Rinse the area and blot dry. For set in stains, allow the solution to sit for up to 30 minutes.

For washable rugs that fit into your washing machine, after applying the solution and allowing to set, launder as usual using the laundry boosting method above.

5. Deck and Outdoor Furniture Cleaner

Instructions: Dissolve 1 scoop (2 tablespoons) of powder in a gallon of hot water. Scrub decks, awnings, or outdoor furniture with a brush. Don’t allow the solution to dry completely on the item before rinsing. Working in smaller sections is recommended.Rinse after cleaning.

Take care to keep solution and runoff away from delicate plants or garden areas as the higher pH level of this product can damage them.

6. Bathroom Cleaner

Instructions: Dissolve 1 scoop (2 tablespoons) of powder in a gallon of hot water. Scrub tiles, grout, sinks, shower glass and tubs. Rinse after cleaning.

7. Grout Cleaner

Instructions: Make a paste with the powder and water. Apply to grout lines, let sit for up to 20 minutes depending on the level of staining, then scrub thoroughly and rinse.