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Disodium EDTA: Water Softener and Chelating Agent

What is it?

Disodium EDTA is a chelating agent that prevents our detergent from binding with trace mineral elements that are present in water. A chelating agent is a water softener compound that removes minerals like calcium and magnesium and reduces yellow discoloration in laundry items. EDTA stands for ethylenediamine tetraacetic acid (that is a mouth full). It is a combination of multiple salts and related ingredients.  Disodium EDTA is used in moisturizers, skincare products, and cleaning products like laundry detergent.

What does it do?

In layman's terms, Disodium EDTA help hard water become softer. As water works its way through a wash cycle, it picks up metal particles like calcium and iron. These metal particles can turn water hard, this is problematic because hard water doesn't get your clothes as clean. Disodium EDTA softens the water and reduces the amount of sticky soap scum to better clean your laundry.

What product is this ingredient in?

Our Product Stewardship Guidelines direct us to select ingredients that have been manufactured or processed in a manner that supports our philosophy of environmental friendliness.