Heritage Park All-Purpose Luxury Laundry Detergent - Lavender Mist

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Size: 32 oz.

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Our All-Purpose laundry detergent can be used to wash clothes and home linens made of cotton, linen, polyester, blends and more. No need for the extra clutter in your laundry room of multiple soap bottles and laundry products for every load -- Making laundry day a breeze! Fragranced with all-natural lavender oil for a light, refreshing floral scent.
  • Heritage Park Lavender Mist scented All-Purpose detergent has been specially formulated to launder all your favorite clothing, bedding, and more. Infused with a subtle floral scent, we use only all-natural lavender oil for fragrance. Lavender is known to help promote calmness and even reduce stress and anxiety, which is why we especially love this scent for our bedding and clothing.

    • Soothing, Natural Scented liquid detergent is fragranced with all-natural lavender essential oil, without any synthetic chemicals for a clean, relaxing floral scent.
    • Effective Stain Remover. Perfectly balanced, powerful cleaning enzymes and ingredients are capable of removing tough odors and set-in stains, while remaining gentle on your favorite linens.
    • Use to Wash garments and home textiles made of cotton, polyester, bamboo and wood fiber fabrics, activewear, and more! It can be used in Standard and High Efficiency (HE) washing machines as well as to hand wash items. Effective in cold to hot water.
    • Concentrated formula for high efficiency, front load, and traditional top-loading washing machines. Wash more loads of laundry with every bottle.
    • Designed for Delicate Fabrics, our pH-neutral formulas are gentle and safe for both your fabrics and sensitive skin.
    • Contains No Dyes, Sulfates, Phosphates, Optical Brighteners, Chlorine Bleach, or Caustic chemicals. Heritage Park liquid laundry detergent is Biodegradable making wash water acceptable for even grey-water systems. Only necessary ingredients are used, with no fillers or excess water.

    Product Use: Always follow the fabric manufacturer's washing instructions. Effective in all water temperatures and wash cycle settings. Great for standard and high efficiency (HE) washing machines as well as to hand-wash your favorite clothing, lingerie, and linens. This highly concentrated liquid laundry detergent should be used sparingly, overuse during washing can cause soap to not be completely removed during the rinse cycle. To treat stains simply dilute detergent with a little cool water and apply to the stain. Allow to set before washing.

    When washing delicate items be sure to check your washing machine for damage to any internal plastic parts that could have been slightly damaged by zippers or metal on clothing. This can catch and cause tears and holes in delicate fabrics. The use of our Fine Mesh Laundry Bags is highly recommended.

    At Heritage Park, transparency and trust are essential to our mission. After all, your family uses our detergent to clean clothes and bedding – items that come in direct contact with your skin. And so we think you deserve to know exactly what our products are made of. Click the tab above for a complete list of ingredients along with a simple description of each. We’re proud of how brief this list is!

Use Instructions

Use Heritage Park All-Purpose detergent for your favorite washable clothing and home textiles. Great for washing cotton, synthetic, and bamboo/wood-fiber fabrics. Basically, anything except your protein-based fabrics (silk, wool, etc). Also, use it outside of the laundry room for rugs, curtains, auto upholstery, and much more!

Heritage Park laundry detergents are concentrated so you use less and waste less; it is also biodegradable and safe for septic and greywater systems.

Effective in all water temperatures, from cold to hot, our liquid laundry detergents can be used in standard or high-efficiency (HE) washing machines. It's also perfect for hand-washing clothing, linens, and other delicate fabrics.

For tough, set-in stains, we recommend using our All-Purpose detergent to pre-treat by diluting with little water and applying directly to the stain, rubbing in gently.

Important Note: Always follow the fabric manufacturer's washing instructions.

No Harsh Chemicals or Irritants Found in our Laundry Detergent

Regular laundry detergent is packed with chemicals, compounds, and dangerous ingredients that can trigger allergies, provoke reactions, and irritate delicate skin. We make our concentrated, clear laundry detergent without these harmful ingredients. You won’t find any of these problematic ingredients in Heritage Park Laundry Detergents:

No dyes: The dyes used to color a detergent or cleaning product serve absolutely NO purpose and are a source of skin irritation and allergies.

No sulfates: These chemical compounds are used to create foam in laundry products (and household cleaning and personal care products like dish soap, body wash, and shampoo). Sulfates irritate allergies, eczema, and other skin conditions.

No phosphates: Used to soften hard water, phosphates are toxic chemicals dangerous for people and the environment. Most reputable detergent manufacturers have stopped using phosphates.

No chlorine: This highly reactive chemical element is used to disinfect and sanitize but triggers irritation and contact dermatitis.

No bleach: Oxygen and chlorine bleach can irritate the skin. Bleach should be used only following the manufacturer’s directions and in small quantities, never as an ingredient in detergent.

No optical brighteners: These synthetic chemicals remain on clothing and laundry to absorb UV light and make items appear brighter. Along with irritating skin, these compounds are NOT biodegradable.

Our Mission: Producing the Safest, Best Laundry Detergent for Your Family

We produce Heritage Park Laundry Detergent in small batches to the highest standards of quality and purity. We employ the latest manufacturing techniques and take advantage of the newest scientific advancements as we formulate our products. Most importantly, we are a family-owned and -operated company. Our commitment to transparency, sustainability, and the environment guide everything we do, and every product we make.

Check out our simple ingredient list (above tab) to see our rigorous stewardship guidelines in action. In all we do, Heritage Park remains committed to clean laundry that protects people, pets, and the planet.

At Heritage Park, transparency and trust are essential to our mission. After all, your family uses our detergent to clean clothes and bedding – items that come in direct contact with your skin. And so we think you deserve to know exactly what our products are made of. Click the tab above for a complete list of ingredients along with a simple description of each. We’re proud of how brief this list is!

CLICK HERE to view all of our detergent formulas and complete ingredient information. Always feel free to contact us for more information or with any questions about our ingredients.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Customer (US)
Fantastic soap

The best laundry soap ever!!

Sharon Ringstrom (US)
Always on the lookout for laundry detergent without toxic, nasty ingredients!

After the whole Laundress debacle, I decided to try Heritage Park All-Purpose Luxury Laundry Detergent - Lavender Mist. I'm glad I did. It seems to get my clothes clean and the Lavender scent is faint, but nice ~ wish it were a bit stronger. To help get my clothes and towels smelling fresh, I add 5 drops of Lavender essential oil to a wool dryer ball. Lovely.

n.b. (US)
Great value

I agree that there is no scent on my clothes, but my brother said that another detergent I used was over the top, so that is a good thing. I use two small capsules, which is quite a money saver, and my clothes are clean. It is very good at removing stains and I am pleased.

J. Alaura Hunt (US)
Brilliant at getting towels, sheets & clothes really clean without harsh chemicals

Best laundry detergent I’ve used! Gets towels, sheets and clothes really clean without the harsh chemicals. I had been using “The Laundress” for more than 15 years but the quality had changed since they sold to Unilever in 2019. Now with “The Laundress” recent bacterial contamination (2021 - 2022) and recall I wasn’t sure what to use. I read an article online from “Fine Linen and Bath” comparing luxury brand detergents and Heritage Park came highly recommended. I’m extremely grateful for your superb products.

Kim Price (US)
No scent left

I loved the smell when I opened the bottle but after clothes were dried there was no smell left, like it all nothing. Clothes were clean tho and I really.liked that ! Is there fabric softner to go with it that would leave some lavendar scent? Also had the same result with the other scent I bought

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